As an expert in ventilation solutions, Elektror airsystems offers two model series in the axial fan range


Axial flow fans are used when a high volume flow is required with low pressure. An axial blower has an impeller rotation axis that is parallel to the air flow. The functional principle of axial fans is similar to a ship propeller or a plane propeller. The Advantage of the axial design is the high air volume combined with a low flange diameter and small axial fan as well as tube axial fan sizes. The Elektror axial flow fan range covers a capacity up to 200,000 m³/h and approx. 5,200 Pa.

Axial fans for your application
Elektror Axial fans are used in a wide variety of areas. The robust versions are available as direct drive, belt drive as well as for different motor voltages. Moreover, special application-related versions as well as thermal or acoustic insulation measures can be implemented here.

Possible versions
– Special constructions for higher temperatures
– Increased protection class
– Multiple certificates (UL, EAC, CSA)
– Double impeller for higher pressure
– Belt Drive or Coupling Drive available
– Dimensions of housing area freely adjustable
– Powered by electric motor or combustion engine
– Other special designs available on request