The Elektror product range of standard radial blowers includes plug fans and ATEX fans.


Centrifugal fans are used if applications need higher pressure with the same or higher airflow than axial fans. A centrifugal blower draws in the air through the inlet axially (in parallel) to the drive axle, deflects the airflow 90 degrees through the rotation of the impellers and extracts it radially.

The airflow is extracted in a specific direction with blowers with a spiral housing. A centrifugal fan without a housing extracts the air radially out of the impeller with curved blades. Centrifugal blowers cover the widest performance range of Elektror industrial fans and blowers with a maximum of 9.500 m³/h and 20.800 Pa.

Centrifugal fans made of aluminum
These product groups (ND, RD, HRD und HRD FUK) that have been proven and tested for decades are characterised by a robust and durable housing made from aluminium. Thanks to the wide performance range, it offers a very wide scope of applications. There is a wide range of accessories available in order to equip the blowers according to individual requirements.

Radial blowers with stainless steel housing
As the name suggests, the installation and operation conditions represent high demands, this product range (S-LP, S-MP und S-HP) sets an example. The laser welded stainless steel housing made from 1.4301 are particularly resistant against many different chemicals and other aggressive substances. It can also be applied in such areas where corrosion protection is required and there are even technical solutions for high media temperatures.

Aluminum high pressure blowers
Entirely new and recently developed – the aluminium high-pressure series A-HP by Elektror. The team of developers set out to create an even higher-performance series offering impressive efficiency and a compact design. The impeller and housing were optimised and perfectly harmonised based on flow simulations and load tests. The series has a direct drive and is operated by means of a frequency inverter.

High Efficiency blowers
A good energy performance requires the efficient use of energy. Elektror offers this S-HE series for a resources-conserving operation of the system. High efficiency blowers are characterised by the accurate operating point and efficiency-optimised dimensioning. Besides the series, the design of the housing made from sheet steel also offers a good possibility for being adapted to customer-specific adaptations.

High-speed blowers
With a series of high-speed blowers, Elektror offers devices that combine the enormously high power density with an extremely compact design. Speeds up to 12,000 rpm are achieved by using frequency converters. A high bearing life and an extremely impeller stability characterise these devices. Naturally, these blowers can also be equipped with effective acoustic insulation solutions.