Basic Pneumatic Training

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Basic Pneumatic Course

Qualified, motivated employees are decisive for the long-term success in the global market. Particularly in the manufacturing industry technical staffs are the key to enhanced competitiveness and future success. To meet the challenges Mechatronics has developed the Learning system, especially tailor made to modern qualification needs.

Mechatronics sees itself as a trendsetter in automation technology worldwide. We intend to advance the learning system for Automation in creative dialog with our training partners and customers. Already we are doing everything possible in many countries to make learning successful.

We are now offering regular training in various levels. The duration of the course will be for two (2) days. On completion of the course there will be a test conducted and on successful completion, the participants will be issued certificates.

The following are the topics covered in this course:

  • Physical fundamentals
  • Pneumatic power components for linear movements
  • Pneumatic directional control valves
  • Pneumatic pressure, non-return and flow control valves
  • Pneumatic actuators
  • Fundamental of terminology of control technology
  • Control sequence, signal flow
  • Circuit planning and display
  • Simple controls
  • Hands on training on the trainer kit
  • Maintenance of pneumatic items and construction
  • Safety regulations
  • Product training

We will provide the participants with visualization cutaway models of different components.

Mechatronics provides practice-oriented training course like no other company and we assure you that this course will benefit your company. We look forward to a meaningful partnership to give you a positive experience through this training.